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Something motivational and purposeful came upon me over the last week:  it’s time to get serious about my writing goals.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been serious about writing.  But not so focused on finishing things as I might be.  The weekend challenges have been useful for keeping me moving ahead, but I’ve decided that I, the quintessentially disorganized pantzer, need a little more structure in terms of goal setting.

So today I hereby publicly declare my Official Writing Goals, to be reached by midnight on March the 31st, and broken down into manageable chunks as follows:

1.  Complete the rough draft of Swimming North.  I’m estimating the finished project at 100k, for neatness sake.  Starting where I am, at 60k, give or take a few words, I need to write 1,081 words a day.  Now as we all know, I can’t alway write every day, so let’s make that a Weekly Goal: 7567 words a week.

And to be even more specific:  At the end of next Sunday, I will be at 67,567 words on Swimming North.

2.  Complete retyping/first revision of YA novel Losaria.  This works out to about 900 words a day, 6300 words a week.

Specific Deadline Goal:  23000 words by the end of next Sunday.

And now, the part you’ve all been waiting for:  (drum roll) It’s never any fun doing challenges alone.  So – who’s with me?  What are you willing to commit to for the week, or the month to come?  Placate your muses, fire up your computers, pick a number and play along.  And if you choose not to play, please feel free to be our cheering section, we need all the help and motivation we can get.  We’ll check in on Sunday night, and be ready to state our plans for the week to come.

I’d like to thank the Deadline Dames for many and varied inspirational posts that somehow lit a fire in me, and to all of the other wonderful and supportive writers blogging out there.  Now, in the profound and inspirational words of Larry the Cable Guy – let’s “git r done!”


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