Filling in the Blanks (formerly Remember)

“He was tall, solidly built in the way of somebody who stays active but doesn’t work out at the gym.  Auburn hair fell casually over his forehead and almost, but not quite, into his eyes – intense blue eyes that locked onto the camera.

Ignoring a slight trembling of her hands, Yates went for the close up, watching the eyes widen in recognition as she clicked the shutter.

A gratuitous picture.  This face was already burned into her memory.  It walked the streets with her by day, and intruded on her dreams at night.  She had scoured Northeast Washington looking for this man, and now here he was, apparently a friend of Glo’s.”

This 88,000 word mystery/suspense novel has been sent out to find its way in the world.

Swimming North

Swimming North, an 85,000 word contemporary fantasy, tells the story of Vivian Maylor – mental health crisis worker and lover of all things ordered and normal. When her grandfather dies, instead of an unexpected fortune or a beautiful home in the country, Vivian inherits a box of crystal spheres that can alter reality. Along with this complicated gift comes a hereditary responsibility for guarding the doorways between realities and an ancient enemy bent on a revenge that could wreak havoc in all the worlds.

This novel plays with the nature of reality  – I think of it as MC Escher meets Madeleine L’Engle, and Tom Robbins crashes the party.

The Sword of Losaria

“Hadrian strode upward, the child slung warm and sleeping against his broad back.  Above, the sky blazed with stars, but their light did not reach him.  He could see neither the path at his feet, nor his hand before his face, but the knew the way by heart and scrambled up its rocky steepness without a single misstep.

This was not the first message he had carried to The Seven at Zelindreh.  This time, though, they would be surprised by what he brought.  He paused to catch his breath and adjust the carrier on his back to a more comfortable position.  A sound, or the ghost of a sound, froze him into stillness.  Breath held, he stood long in the darkness, listening:  the keening of the wind, the pounding of his own warm blood in his ears, that was all.  Still, the hair on the back of his neck prickled.  If he were being followed…”

YA Fantasy, complete at 100,000 words.