I have a new blog! Not only that, but it has my name on it. Not the Uppington one, the one that is actually based in that reality place I sometimes have to visit.

This is exciting, alarming, and a little bewildering for me.

What will happen next? Who knows? If you’ve read very much of this blog, you will know that I am a pantser at heart. One of my favorite mottos is “Just start somewhere, and take it from there.”

So, I have created the new blog. My intention is that it will deal a little less with writing, and a little more with information about and treatment of mental health concerns. However, as we all know, all roads lead to Rome, and Rome is equal to writing and whatever happens over on the other blog will have to be writing related.

If you follow me here, I’d be delighted if you stop over and have a look HERE, but I do plan to continue posting about how the writing is going right here at All Things Good (and other stuff).

Speaking of writing – the current WIP has taken an unexpected turn and led me into an alternate reality I totally didn’t see coming.

This is the definition of awesome.