Last summer I took what was a big step for me – I attended a one day writer’s conference – “Write on the River” – in Wenatchee, Washington. It was inspirational and educational and fun. I learned some things that improved the manuscript I was working on exponentially.

But it was only one day, and I wanted more. So this year, I decided to really invest in myself as a writer. I signed up for the Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association Conference in Seattle. In about an hour, I will be heading out of town on a whole new adventure.

I’ll be sharing a hotel room with a friend I met on Twitter – Johanna Harness – a social media whirlwind responsible for creating the #amwriting tag on Twitter, and an up and coming writer of YA and MG fiction. We haven’t met in person, but talk daily online, and have read and critiqued for each other. We also have plans to meet with some other online folks, most notably Levi Montgomery – check out his novellas, available in eformat. This man can write!

The schedule looks packed – between keynotes, workshops, lunches and dinners, and agent pitches (yes, I will be pitching to two agents) – but I’ll try to find some time to share a little of what I’m learning here.

As always, anxiety and writerly neurosis loom at the edges of my psyche but I am determined to fend them off. A great adventure awaits – writers to meet, skills to learn, fun to be had. This is no time for self doubt or insecurity.

Hey – if nothing else – it’s a few days away from the job in a nice hotel. I can live with that.