Let me begin with an apology.

Dear Non-Twittering Blog Friends:

I know some of you do not love the Twitter. This post is not for you. I have no wish to exclude you. You are beloved. This would be an excellent opportunity for you to join the writing community on Twitter, if you care to read on and participate. If not – alas. You will be missed.

Love, Uppington

Today on Twitter, Julie Butcher, aka @jimsissy, online social planner extraordinaire, hatched another IDEA:  a brilliant, wonderful, non-grinchy idea. Wouldn’t it be great, she mused, if we could manage to get all of the writers and editors and agents and publishing people together for fun and general holiday celebratoriness? But we are so far flung – not just different states but different continents – and nobody seems to be rich enough to supply the jetliners to bring us all together.

To a schemer of Julie’s stature, these are minor considerations. Let’s have a virtual holiday party, she thought, but a virtual party with real life, in the flesh gifts. Sound like fun? If you’re already on Twitter, the rest is easy. If you’re not yet part of the Twitter community, you could go HERE and sign up. Once you have an account, send a message to me, @uppington, or to Julie, @jimsissy, and we’ll be happy to introduce you to people and help you learn the ropes.

Read on for the details:

1. Join the party by tweeting to #holidaybash by Monday, December 7, 2009

2. Run around your house and find a white elephant gift that will fit into an envelope, put it in the envelope and get it ready to mail. You can’t buy something new. Your gift can be humorous, thoughtful, strange or dramatic. The wilder, the better. (Risque is acceptable but not dirty. PG rated gifts.)

3. On Monday, we’ll post who you mail your gift to. It will be your job to follow them on twitter, get their mailing address, and send their gift.

4. Tuesday, December 8, 2009 we get our work done. Agents do agent stuff and clear your inboxes. Writers write and work on revisions. Editors, set a goal. We’ll cheer you on! Authors, finish those projects.

Let’s all work like crazy so we can enjoy the holidays with our families!

5. Don’t open your present when it arrives! We’ll open them together at the party.

6. Party time is Thursday, December 17th at 9:00 PM Eastern. We’ll get a chat room, open the presents, sing songs and drink the beverage of our choice ;D