Last night, feeling nostalgic and a little sad about my decision to stay out of Nanowrimo, I sat down at the computer with the intent to recreate some of the fun. It wasn’t midnight yet, but hey – if I’m outside of Nanowrimo, then I’m also beyond the rules, right?

I pulled up the scene that has been kicking my ass all week, cued up a whole new soundtrack (Opeth – Ghost Reveries) and plunged into the scene in my best Nanowrimo style. For me, this means shutting off the brain and letting the fingers do what they wish.

What happened was one of those writing experiences where I end up staring at what I’ve done and asking, “Where the hell did that come from?” Seriously. I’m vaguely alarmed at some of the implications. And now that I have allowed this thing to happen, since I’m not on a month long ride of “write it as it comes and make sense of it later,” I must make some editorial decisions by the cold light of this November morning. After all, this is a rewrite, not a brand new WIP, and this material has a responsibility to play nice with the rest of the book.

I’m thankful that the apathy of the last week has dispersed, at least. There is life in this scene now, and more raw energy than I know how to contain. This has to be a good thing.

Today? I am busy mulling the ramifications and tentacles, and debating whether or not to cut a couple of scenes. I will carve out a couple of hours to give this careful consideration, and to play with the possibilities. I’m not committing to word count, or even to completing this scene or chapter, or to editing a certain number of pages. I am committing to give this novel the best that I have to offer in terms of skill and dedication.

How is the writing in everybody else’s world? Nanowrimo people – how is the first day treating you? If you are a writer who is not engaged in Nanowrimo, for whatever reason – what are your goals for this month? Let’s use the November energy to carry us all to a new level. And hey – if you’re on Twitter, use the hashtag #nononano to check in with others who are not playing this year.