I have very little to say today.

It’s Friday, in case nobody has noticed.  My weekend has started early – at 8:30 this morning, to be precise.  Now don’t be jealous – I’ve earned it. My on call shifts have been – interesting – lately, and I am exhausted.

Still, I have dragged myself to this blog site, (cue cartoon of half dead character crossing a bone littered desert, vultures circling, trying to reach the last Oasis) for the sole purpose of checking in with everybody else and seeing what is going on in your various writing worlds.

Not a lot of writing for me this week, but I’m still chipping away at Swimming North, while continuing the query process with Filling in the Blanks. The WIP has taken some interesting liberties with its own structure and story line, as I mentioned previously. As it turns out, I thoroughly approve of the direction things are headed.  As usual, the writing knew what it was talking about.

Since I really am grasping for words this morning, I’d like to share a couple of other blogs with you.

First, for some hilarious takes on the whole query process, go to Julie Butcher’s website and check out the guest posts on the Seven Stages of Query Grief. (The link should take you to # five, anger.  Make sure to go back and read the others, as they are truly funny and insightful.)

Second, another publishing blog I ran across recently is the often darkly irreverent The Rejecter, subtitled “I don’t hate you. I just hate your query letter.”  Good insights into what might be going through the mind of a Query Reader.

So, now, to the challenge. What are your plans for your WIP? I think it’s about time we shared some specific, time anchored goals for what we’re working on and where we are going.  Unfortunately, as soon as I wrote that sentence, I realized I haven’t got such a goal.

Honestly, my goal for the weekend is to do as little as possible while keeping my head in the creative novel space, editing and formatting the WADMHP newsletter, doing regular household chores, and getting three teenage boys ready for the first day of school on Monday.  Beyond that, I’m not prepared to think.

I hope the rest of you are braver and more organized. Please dive in.  Don’t be shy.  Maybe you’ll inspire me and others in the writing world.