I have, over the time I’ve been blogging, posted repeatedly about the struggles of finding writing time while working and raising kids and tending a relationship.

Now I am on vacation, and things are, if anything, more complicated in the writing world.

My boys are lounging around, lured by the smells of breakfast cooking.  (Note: I am not cooking.  My awesome BIL is preparing something that smells totally amazing.) I have been permitted to pet the cats who are ruling denizens here.  Today holds no real plans of explanations.  No exploding phones. No stress. No pressure.

I don’t know how to write around this. In fact, the novel is far from my thoughts.  I keep trying to drum it up in random moments, keep the plot threads in my hands and the characters in my head.  Somewhere along the way I need to find a time to be at the page.

I’m writing this during gaps in the conversation.  My multi-tasker is just powerful enough to pull that off.  I think.  Serious revision and work on the novel is not going to happen like this, however.

Every time I have an opportunity to get online I am, of course, obsessively checking email because there are queries out.  A hard copy of my manuscript is stashed away in my truck, just in case I need it.  For anything, including that slight chance of a request for a partial or full.

I suppose it’s just possible that a vacation will be good for me. It’s been so long since I really took one, I’m not quite sure how to proceed.  The same way I write, I suppose – show up every morning and see what happens.

As always – may your muses be creative and forthcoming, and your fingers limber on the keys.