It is Friday, writers of the blogosphere.  And you know what that means.  

A step away from the mundane tasks of the week.  A relaxation of the tyranny of the clock.  

And the challenge to live this weekend with intention.

 I hereby publicly declare a significant challenge for myself this weekend:  by midnight Monday, I will have found my way to the end of this draft of Filling in the Blanks.

Now, I know that every single time I announce a big grown up goal like this, life conspires to throw obstacles in my way.  At times I feel like Ulysses, and wonder which god I accidentally insulted that it should take so long to reach the end of my journey.  However, barring shipwreck or unexpected attacks from cyclops, I really do believe I can get this done.

I’ve lived with this book long enough that the thought of actually completing it is nearly incomprehensible.  I contemplate it in the way one considers the vast realities of God and Death – I know they exist, but it’s hard to wrap my mind around the reality.  Maybe this is one reason I’m procrastinating so effectively.  Much as I curse the endless revision loop I seem to be in, I suspect that I fear the unknown awaiting me on the other side.

Never the less.  The time has come, as the walrus said.  Other books await.  It’s nearly time to get back to Swimming North and I have some shiny new ideas about Gatekeeper.  I tell myself that this is it: I will finish this draft, edit, and then move on.  The plot is simply not important enough that I should spend my entire life trying to turn it into a work of literature.  It’s a good story.  The next one will be better.

Listen to me – I sound like I’d already finished the damn thing, and I haven’t written word one yet this morning.  I will, though.  I will work on it today, and tomorrow, and by Monday night this draft will be done.  Knock wood.

What about the rest of you?  Where are you at in your writing?  Share a little about the current WIP and what you hope to accomplish this weekend, or in the weeks to come.