Friday.  It’s been a long and busy week, but I am officially off the clock for the rest of the weekend.  I am sitting, thoroughly coated with Off, at the table in my back yard.  My giant dog, redolent of the pond he cooled off in a few minutes ago, lies at my feet, while the cat chases insects and tries to look mysterious.

About a hundred feet away is the ravine.  In breaks between cedars, firs, and a few pine trees I have a view of giant rocks and fallen trees.  Hummingbirds are buzzing around the feeders, and the local gang of ravens is hazing the area, making more noise than a troop of chimpanzees.  Before I lived here, I always thought of ravens as solitary and mystical.  Images created by Tolkien and Poe came to my mind.  But then, I also thought of hummingbirds as ethereal and fragile.  Not so, my friends.  Ravens are often loud and obnoxious.  Hummingbirds are feisty little fighters.  Who knew?

I’ve abandoned serious reading for now, and am immersed in Witches Abroad, the hilarious Pratchett take on Fairytales, Fairy Godmothers, and the self fulfilling nature of story.  

It’s time to lighten up a little.  The worry and stress will keep for another day.

On the writing front, I have taken the last couple of days off.  (‘Days off’ is defined as coming home from a really long and difficult work day and watching TV with the man in my world instead of writing.)  However, I have been thinking about things, and I do believe the end of this novel is in sight.  

Here, in front of all who care to read, I declare my intention to be done with Filling in the Blanks, including all rewrites and edits, by midnight on June 30th.  Which means my challenge to myself this weekend it to make some serious progress with the rewrite.  I hate to disappoint the truly organized among you, but I have not made a chart that says when I will be done with what, although I did scribble a tentative outline in a notebook.  This outline is likely to suffer the same fate as every list I ever make, meaning I will probably never look at it again.  But remnants will stick in my head, and if I truly need it, I do know where to find it.

Stay tuned for a book release party coming up on June 17th.  My friend Trudy Morgan Cole is excited to announce the debut of her multigenerational historical novel By the Rivers of Brooklyn.  In order to help her celebrate this big moment, we’ll be talking about the book here on my Blog.  Somebody will win a free autographed copy.  Make sure you stop by and help support your fellow writer.

And now, for the big moment:  What is your challenge to yourself this weekend?  What will you create?  Or do you have the conscious intention to relax and do nothing?  I’m interested in all of your successes and failures, confidence and angst, hope and despair.  So stop by sometime over the weekend, or as many times as you wish, share a cup of virtual coffee, and let the rest of us know what is going on.

As always, may your muses be cooperative and your fingers easy on the keys.