Saturday morning.  I’m leisurely drinking my coffee, smelling the fresh mountain air spilling in through an open window, feeling relaxed and at peace.

And then it strikes me – I forgot the weekend challenge.  A small shock of guilt and a sudden sense of urgency shatter my morning.  Temptation arises. I could invent all sorts of excuses. I could tell you I was too busy, or say I was on call, or that I was totally absorbed in writing and couldn’t drag myself away.  Lies, lies, all lies.  Yesterday evening I puttered with a particularly recalcitrant scene from Filling in the Blanks, but never fully got lost in it.  I played around on Twitter.  I consumed quantities of snack foods and drank coffee.  Blogging never even entered my head.

But here I am now, and it is still the weekend, no matter which time zone you’re in.  It’s never too late to set a weekend goal.  (Don’t get technical with me, all you logical types.  I do realize that at 11:58 pm on Sunday night, it might be a little too late to do anything productive.  I’m speaking in broad and generalized terms.  Get over it.)

So what will you do with your weekend?

Last time around, Trudy declared her intent to do nothing productive.  I believe this is an admirable goal, as a goal.  All I’m suggesting, is that we live with intent.  Planning to do nothing but relax over a weekend is one thing.  Groaning yourself awake on Monday morning with that empty feeling in your belly, suddenly realizing that you’ve let a stretch of time drift by without any conscious participation is another.

For myself, I declare the following intentions:

1. Figure out why this scene refuses to feel right.  I’m experimenting with re-writing it in a different point of view, which is challenging but I think what the story needs.

2. If the above goes smoothly, keep moving on with the re-write.  I have a scene in mind that I would like to get to before Sunday evening ends.

3.  Spend some time out in the gorgeous, green, sunlit world.  I need to get a camera so I can post a picture someday of what I see when I look out my window.

4. Spend some quality time with the wonderful man in my world.

There.  That’s it for me.  I know there will be plenty of other experiences, and I intend to immerse myself fully in the random adventures that come along.  What about the rest of you?  Where are you headed?

Whatever you choose to do, may your muses be refreshed and inspired, and your fingers fast and flexible.