So, it’s the long weekend.  The sunshine is warm, the sky is blue, all manner of adventures await.  What’s it going to be for you?  A long lazy weekend?  Catching up on projects and housework?  Reading?  Writing?  A mix of all of the above?

The only wrong answer is to spend the weekend wishing you were doing something else.   My challenge to myself is to be fully immersed in whatever experience I find myself engaged in at any given time.  That means not wishing I was writing when I’m doing something else.  It means taking half an hour, like I did when I got home from work today, to just go sit outside in the amazingly green world and watch the humming birds dive bombing the neighborhood.

I do have writing goals, as well, but they are not quantifiable.  Remember has reverted to its original title of Filling in the Blanks, and there are plenty of blanks that need filling.  A lot of what I learned at the conference is still busily percolating in my head, and I am deepening the character of Yates in the opening pages, adding conflict and tension.  I’m also “sweating the sentences” and creating writing that I love.  Sometimes.  It’s still a love/hate relationship, but at least there is passion there!  So, no quota, no numbers to shoot for, I’m just immersing myself in the story.

And, of course, I’ll be going to the dump and cleaning the house and taking the teenager driving and helping the man around here with projects that require extra hands and watching a movie and all of the other things that keep me very very busy and out of breath.

What about the rest of you?