I am home.  The people who live here tell me I am still a little wound up; I suspect that they are right.  My brain synapses have been rapid firing all day, and I catch myself talking very fast and waving my hands.  If only I could capture on paper a fragment of the insights and ideas that are now percolating, I believe I would be famous.  But then, every manic person believes this, and I truly am high on borrowed ideas.  Soon enough, I know, reality will rise to meet me, and all of my brilliant plans will suddenly appear about as achievable as Mt. Doom when you’re carrying a magic ring.  For the moment, I revel in the state of renewed enthusiasm for my craft.

I did take notes, and plan on sharing the highlights of the writer’s conference with you all.  Look out for inspiring thoughts from Jess Walters, tips on writing fiction that rises above the rest from Donald Maass, and the invisible structure of classic stories from Brian McDonald.   If you have the opportunity to learn from any of these top notch speakers, do so.  I give all three the highest possible ratings for entertainment, education, and inspiration.

For now, I’m trying to unwind enough to settle back into my real world existence, get some sleep, and go back to work tomorrow.  A glass of wine, a little screen time, maybe some Discworld humor or mindless TV viewing.

To those of you who pursued a writing challenge this weekend, please let us know how you got on.  I myself wrote about 1450 words around the edges of the conference, and have all sorts of new energy for this rewrite.  In fact, believe it or not, I’m glad the WIP is undone so I can use some of what I’ve learned.