This is not a blog post – it is an accountability page.  Short, and to the point. Time to account for your weekend.  Not to mention any names, but I’ve got a flame thrower waiting here for somebody whose initials start with -D-.

What did you accomplish?  Reading, writing, relaxation?  A thorough fit of angst?  Avoidance and procrastination?

Time to check in.

I did revise the scenes I said I would revise, and then I threw a little hissy fit because the plot now has wide open gaping wounds in it, and I’ve cut too many words.  An unscheduled fit of Mother’s Day ‘nobody really appreciates me’ was the result, but no children were harmed during this episode of self pity.

Also took teenager driving, but not in the dark.  Finished the book I said I would read, and started another.  And completed rough drafts of blurbs for Swimming North, and Remember, which now requires a title change and is probably going to be called Filling in the Blanks again.  Really the only thing that didn’t get done on my goal list was the blurb for ‘The Sword of Zelindreh.’

Your turn – how did it all go?  If you didn’t play along, feel free to share accomplishments and failures.  We’re all friendly here – nobody will hurt you.  ~hides flame thrower under the computer desk.~