Okay.  So one person commented that she missed the weekend challenges.  Not exactly popular, maybe, but the Weekend Challenge is back!

In ten hours and 20 minutes I will be off the clock for the weekend, and there is some serious writing work to be done.  Of course, there’s also a bunch of other things to be done, and it is now officially spring outside.  Fortunately for the writing, it looks like rain.  Outside all of my windows everything is green.  Some of the trees are starting to flower.  The hummingbirds are back, and the turkeys have been hanging out for longer and longer stretches of time, grazing in the field.  If it’s raining, it will make things greener, and keep me confined to the house where I can watch it all through the window while I write.  Rain is good.

Next weekend I’m off to a writing conference.  I passed on the opportunity to pitch my work to an agent because nothing is truly complete at this point. Still, I want to be prepared for all possible contingencies – you never know who you might fall into conversation with.  When somebody asks me what I’m writing, I tend to go off into a rambling, muttered morass of something that starts with “this sounds really stupid, but…”

Not the best opening line to sell your work to agents or earn respect from other writers.  

I want to arrive at the conference with written book jacket type blurbs for Swimming North, Remember, and The Sword of Zelindreh.  If I’ve refined the concept enough to write the blurb, I just might be able to express it articulately if the occasion arises.  And if I never speak to a living soul the whole time I’m at the conference, there is no time lost – I’ve got the beginnings of a query letter.

So my goals for myself this weekend are:

1.  Relax a little and enjoy spring.  Get the flowers planted (a little rain won’t hurt me)

2.  Finish reading Here on Earth (might as well make it a legitimate goal, since I know this will happen.)

3.  Finish the ‘helicopter fight’ scene in Remember, and move on to ‘Denny meets Murdoch’

4.  Write rough, initial drafts of blurbs for the three novels mentioned above.

5.  Take teenager driving.  In the dark.  He needs night time driving experience. I love the concept of teaching teen to drive in the dark.  I do.  (I will talk myself into this eventually.)  

Anybody want to play along?