“If my doctor told me I had only six minutes to live, I wouldn’t brood. I’d type a little faster.” – Isaac Asimov

Thank you, Mr. Asimov, for the quote of the day.  

My muse has been alarmingly busy, lately, and considerably more communicative than usual.  She’s spreading hints and ideas all over the inside of my head like some manic fairy with a gallon of fairy dust.  All creative centers are lit up, ready to fire.

As usual, this happens only when I don’t have time to take it all down.  You know: working, living, taking care of those mundane matters involving food and shelter and safety.  All that stuff.  

Tuesday night I fell into bed bursting with pent up frustration.  Got up Wednesday morning, picked a Tarot card for the day:  Opposition.  Here is what my guide book said, “you find yourself in a position of stalemate.”   My psyche is just twisted enough that I found this amusing.  I began to laugh, and chuckled all day, off and on, about how absolutely apt this card is for the way my life has been lately.  And I said to the Universe, “fine, I’ll just sit here for awhile then, until you get tired of playing and let me move on.”

I’m still busy, still distracted by many and varied necessities, but the Opposition seems to have eased.  And I’m writing, as fast as I can, in the moments that I have to spare.