Monday morning.  Does the idea make you groan?  Or do you leap out of bed with thoughts of a brand new week lying fresh and untarnished ahead of you?  Certain writers among us, who have bravely embraced Destiny, are looking at a brand new and different sort of week.  Not to mention any names, but stop by and congratulate Jamie Grove on his big, life changing decision.  Brave move, and worthy of a salute.

Speaking of brave moves, some of us publicly set goals last week, and it’s time to check in and be responsible.

I did better than I expected, given the weekend of insanity I have just adventured my way through.  Results are in:

Losaria, the YA Fantasy I’m retyping/revising:  Goal met at 23,183 words.

‘Swimming North’:  I fell about 2000 words short of my weekly goal, but considering everything else that was going on, I’m satisfied with this.  Will just have to reset the next weekly goal to accommodate the slight set back, and my over all goal is still achievable.

I ought to set that goal right here, right now, but honestly don’t have time.  I plan to put in roughly the same word count every day this week that I put in last week, and just keep writing.

How are things with all the rest of you?