“Faith is really your consent to let your own uniqueness unfold and to let that which is attracted by your uniqueness manifest in your life. Thus when Jesus said, “All things are possible to those who believe,” he did not say that a swan can become a duck or that a nonmusical person can become a concert pianist. You cannot become something that is not the outforming of your own inner potential. You can only be you. However you can unfold more of the you that may have been long frustrated.” ~ Eric Butterworth from Spiritual Economics

It seems to me that the process of writing is partly the process of unfolding ourselves.  We discover things we didn’t know, we learn, we grow, we develop skills we didn’t know were possible for us.

Think about the tremendous amount of dedication and discipline it takes to begin with an idea and turn it into a novel.  All those battles you fight with yourself, for example, over whether you’re capable of doing this, whether you have enough talent, or whether it might just be a more rational  activity to put an empty cereal box over your head and walk around town.  Of course there are the altogether different writing battles – the ones where you choose to put in writing time over watching TV or hanging out with friends or reading somebody else’s novel.  

By the time you’ve completed an entire manuscript, you’ve grown as a person.  It’s inevitable.  And if you then engage in the process of publication, you’re entering a whole new growth spurt: learning to manage rejection, how to take risks, how to self promote without becoming either a quivering mass of jelly or an insufferable, pretentious, dolt.

So, today I salute us all – from the writer at the beginning stages of an Idea, to those in the throes of the creative process; from the pour soul submitting that first query with so much hope and optimism to those of us a little more jaded by multiple rejections.  I salute the published among us, who heroically continue the same cycle with more at stake.  And while I’m at it, to all of the agents and publishers out there, persevering under a storm of queries in the face of this economic crisis (not that any of you are reading my blog)  – thank you for all that you do.

In my small corner of the writing world, I continue to persevere.   Current word totals toward the goals I’ve set:

Swimming North: 65000

Losaria:  21532

If you’re playing along with the challenge, check in and let us know how you’re doing.