Crisis wins over writing today, but it’s all job related crisis and half planned for, so I’m okay with that.  I did get a little writing done on Swimming North at 6 am, before I went t0 work – not sure of the count but it was close to a 1000 words.

Then I went to work, and didn’t get home until now, 9:30 pm.  As I have no guarantees of sleeping through the night – that crisis phone lurks, and could ring any time and drag me out of bed – I’m not staying up to write.  I’m reminding myself that a writing day is coming, and that I have chances to pick up the slack before my deadline smacks me in the nose.

The muse, by the way, has been very busy in the interim, as she has a way of doing when I don’t actually have time to write.  I foresee an entire different ending to this book – and not a happy one.  Sigh.  I will see to it that somebody gets a happy ever after, but I do hate killing off my favorite characters.

How goes the battle for the rest of you?