Just a quick check in – how are the writing goals progressing for everybody?

So far, I’m on track.  Managed to get the time in on the YA novel this morning by skipping Yoga.  I can’t do that every morning, but maybe tomorrow I can do Yoga and skip the Morning Pages.  Takes some creative juggling to really get things done.

And tonight, even though I was totally not in the mood, and there was no quiet place to be found anywhere in this house, I plugged in the head phones and plowed ahead on Swimming North.  Exceeded my goal by a couple of hundred words, including a fix to something I wrote yesterday that needed tweaking.

The next couple of days are going to be challenging, as I work the days and am on call both nights, but I’ve got a little bit of padding built in from today, and Thursday I’m off to play catch up.

Report in, if you like.  Need some motivation or cheerleading?  Or just want to tell us how awesome you are?  That’s what we’re here for.

May your fingers be untiring and your muses caffeinated and full of their favorite snacks.

Totals: Losaria – 19,000/50k;  Swimming North – 62,486/100k