So, this morning I’m reminded of Pilgrim’s Progress – if you ever waded your way through that book, you’ll know about the Slough of Despond, and the Giant Despair, and various other distractions and obstacles along the way.  Of course, Pilgrim was on a journey for the salvation of his soul, and I’m merely trying to get a book published, so I suppose it’s not quite fair to use his allegory for my own purposes.  Not being one to follow the rules, I think I will do so anyway!

I am stumbling along, a little dusty and wounded, done with resting but still working on “refilling the well” as Julia Cameron would say.  Swimming North is 1000 words farther along, and that’s after writing and immediately deleting 300 words that were just wandering down the garden path.  I’m also working on my old YA fantasy novel, the one I cast aside due to fear of querying and rejection and trying to get published.

This is not a simple project, because the electronic files for the entire first half are corrupted, so I have to retype from the hard copy.  There is a beauty to this, as it turns out – the perfect occupation for a temporarily burnt out writer who still wants to feel like she’s working but is having a hard time creating anything new.   It’s a decent story, and I can make it better.  Apparently, if there is an ‘easier place to break in’ in this publishing economy, YA is it, so here we go.  I’m not abandoning the other novels, just adapting my plan.

Anybody else get anything accomplished over the weekend?  I am still off today, and hope to finally reach that elusive 55K on Swimming North.  May your muses be kind and generous and your fingers accurate on the keys.