I hereby declare a truce with whatever power it is out there that has declared a cessation of my writing activities.  Fine.  You win – but just for today.  No need to pile on the extra work and the surprise challenges and the crises and the obstacles.

Just for today, I won’t write a word.  No more attempts to up the word count on Swimming North.  No more revision of Losaria. No query letters, no market research.  No journal.  No writerly angst.

My goal, for today, is to lie on the couch and read a book.  That’s it.  If I can have time in this day to finish Equal Rites by the inimitable Terry Pratchett, I will be content.

Not making promises about tomorrow, mind you, because that 53,100 words thing on Swimming North is a number that bothers me, and I’d sure like to see a 55K by Monday.  But for today – I surrender.  

My apologies to those expecting a weekend challenge – please feel free to declare your intentions right here.   And may the Force be with you.