Time to check in on those weekend goals, everybody!  I managed to get 2000 words done before the weekend crises hit critical mass – very little sleep, and very little time to think about what I would be writing if I had the time.   I was out much of the night on crisis calls all three days, and yesterday family from out of town came to visit.  I confess I have not written a word since Saturday morning.

My muse finds the fact that I have no time to write amusing.  She has supplied me with a shiny new idea for a YA novel, and is really pushing the idea of getting my dusty old YA fantasy out of the drawer and into the world of agents and rejections.  I reminded her that trying to rewrite Swimming North is quite enough to deal with at the moment, especially with Gatekeeper and Goatshead Soup already simmering on the back burner.  She laughed at me.

I have grabbed a towel, Douglas Adams style, and am repeating the mantra “Don’t Panic,” to myself.  I know things will settle down again.  There will be time to write, again.  The stories will wait for me, and the characters will be busy doing all sorts of interesting things in my subconscious until I get back to them.

As for today, I’m off to work again, and hope for at least 500 words sometime between now and bed.

How goes the battle with the rest of you?