I wanted to write something inspirational today.  Or touching.  Or beautiful.  But what I find, here at the end of another Friday, is that the words seem to have gone off to bed already, taking all intelligent thought processes with them.

I’m left with very little to say.  Grateful, still, for the many gifts of the week.  A little in shock at my own audacity in entering the ABNA contest.  Reflective about the many things I’ve learned.  Secretly treasuring the brand new pleasure I unexpectedly discovered in rewriting Swimming North. It’s been a week of changes and surprises, of finding long lost friends on Facebook, and new friends in other places.  

The fact that we have reached another weekend also means, of course, that it’s time for another writing challenge.  I wonder what will be different at the end of Sunday night.  What will my characters do this weekend?  What will I have brought into being that wasn’t yet created as I write this?

Maybe nothing at all.  I am on call again this weekend.  Which means there might not be time to write, but even if there is, I will find it hard to concentrate, knowing that at any second the phone might ring and call me off to adventures of the non-writing variety.  Still, I hope to be 5000 words farther along by the end of this weekend, taking me nicely past the 50,000 words where I am currently balanced at half way point.  Not an unreasonable goal, given a few hours of undivided time.  Something to aim for.

What about the rest of you, writers and other people?  Goals?  Intentions?  Even if your only goal is to sit in a warm corner reading a good book, I’d love to hear from you.