Saturday morning.  I’m savoring an excellent cup of fresh ground, locally roasted, lovingly prepared coffee.  The cat is competing with my laptop for lap space, purring and drooling all over me.  The man in my world is building the morning fire.  

From my nest here, curled up on the couch, everywhere I look there is a window framing trees and snow and sky.  Any minute now the local herd of  wild turkeys should be showing up shortly for breakfast.  Yes, it is herd, not flock – the creatures are more dinosaur than bird, and it continues to startle me when I see them take flight.

A number of old and good friends have recently resurfaced in my life, thanks to Facebook.  As far as the writing goes, although I haven’t done much with word counts in the last few days, the WIP is active in my brain and I’ve had IDEAS which I’ve managed to keep track of and will implement when the time is right.

I forget to share these things on my Blog.  I tend to take them for granted.

Especially in these interesting economic times, I am reminded of the importance of all things good in our lives.  So, now that I’ve shared mine, I’d like to invite you all to add to the list.  What are your blessings of the day?