It’s all uphill.  Running against the wind.  Going against the grain, against the flow, marching to a different drummer.  Whatever you wanna call it:  Resistance is out there, and it’s trying to hold you back.

Or maybe it’s just me, although  I’d like to think the universe is not conspiring against me, that there’s not some sort of Terry Pratchett type conspiracy of gods playing chess above my head and throwing road blocks in my path just for the fun of it all.

I should have known, when everything felt so smooth and easy at the beginning of the week, that some sort of cosmic booby trap was waiting for me.  Not that knowing would have helped me, I suppose.  But here I am, on Friday, with not a lick of writing done since Monday, trying to remember exactly what it was I was writing in the first place.  

But, I tell myself I am blessed.  The fact that water is pooling in my bathroom crawl space is a reminder that I am blessed with a house.  The mess accumulating all around me reminds me that I am blessed to have wonderful, talented children.  The brand new rejection letter reminds me that I have been brave enough to send out submissions. The barely crawling computer and the brand new printer that will not work remind me that if you look too hard for a silver lining you might just get electrocuted, and sometimes it’s better to shut up and admit that some things suck.

Which brings me back to Friday, and the by now traditional weekend challenge.  What am I going to accomplish this weekend?  Well, writing for one thing.  Find my way back into the WIP, and make progress of at least 2000 words of revised or newly written work by Monday.  Declutter.  Go to the dump.  Count my blessings.  

Most of all, and most importantly, keep on moving forward, even if some days it feels like a belly crawl through desert sand, parched with thirst, buzzards circling over head… just one more inch…and then another…

The Oasis has got to be ahead somewhere if I don’t stop moving.