I begin this week inspired, energized, and full of faith.  If you’ve been following my Blog at all, you know how quickly that’s likely to fall apart, but I’m enjoying the feeling while it’s with me.

On Saturday, I began the day with an ‘unreasonable goal’, an idea garnered from the Deadline Dames :  5K, newly written and/or revised on the rewrite of Swimming North.   I really had no intention of succeeding, got on a roll and closed down the computer at just 300 words short at the end of the day.  Since then, the novel has been flowing smoothly, and I even know where I’m going with the plot at this point.   Amazing.

I also have a list of 5 new Agents on whom to inflict a query letter.

I’ve also been playing around on twitter – (you can find me there as Uppington, surprise, surprise) and have learned a lot from just skulking around and reading people’s posts.  As part of my personal Feeling Inspired Day, I’m going to share a couple of links with you, both from Jonbard of Write4Kids.com:

Here you will find a list of well known authors and their experiences with rejection.  And here you will find a wonderful blog post about what the writing is all about.

Enjoy!  Happy writing, if that is what you do, and for the other, normal people reading along, good luck with whatever goals you have set for yourselves.