Apparently last Friday’s post, written in a hurry and just a little bit flippant, summoned the attention of the Critic, whose full attention had been elsewhere.  It had the effect of putting on the One Ring and jumping around on a hill top shouting, “Hey, Suaron!  Look at me!  Neener, neener, neener…”


Said Critic spent the entire weekend whupping my writerly ass.  However, the creature perhaps fails to properly estimate the fight that is still in me, and I remain defiant.  I will write the damn book, whether it’s abysmal or brilliant or (God forbid) mediocre.  And then I will write another one.

Synchronicity came to my aid as it often does, and this morning I ran across a new Blog: Deadline Dames.  Check it out – these nine wonderful women are offering a goal setting challenge, with prizes!  How much better could it get?  I mean, I know my Friday Weekend Challenge feature is awesome, butI have to admit it’s pretty much lacking in the prize department.  

On the writing front, I did not get much down on paper, but I did figure out where and why I was blocked and got started on a scene that I believe will resolve the current problem.  So, as I venture off into another day of the weird and wonderful world of Mental Health crises, all is pretty much well with me.

Your war stories of weekend writing or other battles are always welcome – leave a comment, say hi.  I love to hear from you.