“We must be willing to make an intelligent compromise with perfection lest we wait forever before taking action.” ~ David J. Schwartz

Perfection.  How much time have you wasted in a misguided quest for this mythical and perilous ideal?  I thought I’d learned my lesson, I thought I was wiser now, I thought I’d never again be enchanted by its allure.

I was wrong.

I find myself frozen in the process of rewriting this novel: at a crossroads from which there are so many possible roads that I’m afraid to take any.  I’m immobilized by the fear of making the wrong choice, of not ending up on the road that leads to the Perfect Novel,the one that will launch a thousand ships, that publishers and agents will die to obtain.

Reality check: if I don’t get back to writing, there will be no book at all, brilliant or otherwise.  It’s time for that “intelligent compromise with perfection.”  Which in this case means choosing a path and getting on with it.  

(In case anybody is wondering, I did get some writing done over the weekend.  And I have chosen a path and am tiptoeing up it.  How did everybody else do with weekend writing goals?)