Oops.  I’m sitting here, randomly playing on the internet in the first free minutes I’ve had all day,  and suddenly I realize that it is Friday and I haven’t posted a challenge.  Please forgive me, I’ve been occupied with about 4 feet of snow and work and the Holidays and all.  But we are still on.

What’s it gonna be, folks?  I’ve only got a minute.  Dinner waits, I’m ravenous, the phone could ring at any moment.

Honestly, if I get back into my story and write two pages I’ll be doing well.  But that’s not much to aim for, so how about this:

I challenge myself to refrain from re-reading the previous version of the novel I’m revising and telling myself how horrible it is.  I challenge myself to send the critic back into a corner somewhere and allow myself to make the changes I know need to be made.  I challenge myself to take pleasure in the creative process and not fear that the muses will then descend en masse and drop a rock on my head.  I challenge myself to find my way through the scene I am currently stuck in, and move on.

Anybody else?  My misery would love your company!