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Saturday morning.  I’m savoring an excellent cup of fresh ground, locally roasted, lovingly prepared coffee.  The cat is competing with my laptop for lap space, purring and drooling all over me.  The man in my world is building the morning fire.  

From my nest here, curled up on the couch, everywhere I look there is a window framing trees and snow and sky.  Any minute now the local herd of  wild turkeys should be showing up shortly for breakfast.  Yes, it is herd, not flock – the creatures are more dinosaur than bird, and it continues to startle me when I see them take flight.

A number of old and good friends have recently resurfaced in my life, thanks to Facebook.  As far as the writing goes, although I haven’t done much with word counts in the last few days, the WIP is active in my brain and I’ve had IDEAS which I’ve managed to keep track of and will implement when the time is right.

I forget to share these things on my Blog.  I tend to take them for granted.

Especially in these interesting economic times, I am reminded of the importance of all things good in our lives.  So, now that I’ve shared mine, I’d like to invite you all to add to the list.  What are your blessings of the day?

It’s all uphill.  Running against the wind.  Going against the grain, against the flow, marching to a different drummer.  Whatever you wanna call it:  Resistance is out there, and it’s trying to hold you back.

Or maybe it’s just me, although  I’d like to think the universe is not conspiring against me, that there’s not some sort of Terry Pratchett type conspiracy of gods playing chess above my head and throwing road blocks in my path just for the fun of it all.

I should have known, when everything felt so smooth and easy at the beginning of the week, that some sort of cosmic booby trap was waiting for me.  Not that knowing would have helped me, I suppose.  But here I am, on Friday, with not a lick of writing done since Monday, trying to remember exactly what it was I was writing in the first place.  

But, I tell myself I am blessed.  The fact that water is pooling in my bathroom crawl space is a reminder that I am blessed with a house.  The mess accumulating all around me reminds me that I am blessed to have wonderful, talented children.  The brand new rejection letter reminds me that I have been brave enough to send out submissions. The barely crawling computer and the brand new printer that will not work remind me that if you look too hard for a silver lining you might just get electrocuted, and sometimes it’s better to shut up and admit that some things suck.

Which brings me back to Friday, and the by now traditional weekend challenge.  What am I going to accomplish this weekend?  Well, writing for one thing.  Find my way back into the WIP, and make progress of at least 2000 words of revised or newly written work by Monday.  Declutter.  Go to the dump.  Count my blessings.  

Most of all, and most importantly, keep on moving forward, even if some days it feels like a belly crawl through desert sand, parched with thirst, buzzards circling over head… just one more inch…and then another…

The Oasis has got to be ahead somewhere if I don’t stop moving.

And finally it has come to this.  Back at the beginning of the month, the inspirational and usually very private Alex Moore not only participated in the Seven Degrees of Separation meme, but turned around and tagged me.  I’d like to say I was too busy writing to get around to this post, but if you’ve been following this blog at all you know by now I’m a very effective procrastinator.

Honestly, I’m just a little reluctant to share the seven things.  You know, I’m a little on the introverted side and don’t want to give away too much, and I don’t want to bore you, either.  But I’ve decided to be a good sport, even if I’m a little bit tardy, and play along.

1.  I grew up in a small town in British Columbia, Canada.  We owned 160 acres of land, and we rode horses and picked wild strawberries and climbed trees and had all kinds of wonderful and idyllic childhood adventures.

2. When I was a child and a teenager, I used to read four or five books at once: I kept one in the bathroom, and one in the car, and there was one at school and one in my room.  I used to read while talking on the phone to my friends.  The plots sometimes got a little tangled up from one book to the other.

3. One year at Christmas, when I was a child, we literally took home-made food gifts to the neighbors while riding in an open sleigh hooked up to a grey horse wearing antique sleigh bells.  Did I mention that my childhood was rather idyllic?

4. I was an RN for awhile.  I hated it.  What was I thinking?

5. I decided I wanted to be an author in the 6th grade, only at that time I was planning to be a poet.  I still have my very first poems – horrible!  But I thought they were wonderful.

6.  I’m very superstitious.  I believe in full moon weirdness, and when I’m taking an On-Call shift, I completely lose it if somebody says the word “quiet” in my hearing.  I believe that the gods are jealous and it’s not safe to be too happy or enthusiastic about anything or they will seek revenge.  (Okay, I don’t really believe this, but I kinda do.)

7. I hate telephones.  I’ve actually walked twenty minutes to make an appointment in person, rather than picking up the phone to make a two minute phone call.  And I work in a job where a phone is my constant companion.  Since I’ve become a crisis worker, I’ve actually been known to jump and reach for the phone when the microwave beeps.

There!  Now I have completed my list, and I believe I am supposed to tag seven other people and invite you to play.  So I hereby nominate:

1.  Peter Masson, because he’s new and we want to know all about him.

2. Gypsy Scarlett, because she owes us after disappearing for an entire month to work on her novel.  I mean, really – putting noveling above blogging?  

3. Digital Dame because she always shares interesting information but nothing about herself

4. Lefty Writey because she is always positive and upbeat and writes poetry and takes pictures and waxes enthusiastic

5. My long time friend Trudy J Morgan Cole, over at Hypergrafitti,

(One last thing about me – I hate rules.  I’m only tagging five of you.  I hope that doesn’t bring down some cosmic Blogosphere curse upon my head…)

I begin this week inspired, energized, and full of faith.  If you’ve been following my Blog at all, you know how quickly that’s likely to fall apart, but I’m enjoying the feeling while it’s with me.

On Saturday, I began the day with an ‘unreasonable goal’, an idea garnered from the Deadline Dames :  5K, newly written and/or revised on the rewrite of Swimming North.   I really had no intention of succeeding, got on a roll and closed down the computer at just 300 words short at the end of the day.  Since then, the novel has been flowing smoothly, and I even know where I’m going with the plot at this point.   Amazing.

I also have a list of 5 new Agents on whom to inflict a query letter.

I’ve also been playing around on twitter – (you can find me there as Uppington, surprise, surprise) and have learned a lot from just skulking around and reading people’s posts.  As part of my personal Feeling Inspired Day, I’m going to share a couple of links with you, both from Jonbard of

Here you will find a list of well known authors and their experiences with rejection.  And here you will find a wonderful blog post about what the writing is all about.

Enjoy!  Happy writing, if that is what you do, and for the other, normal people reading along, good luck with whatever goals you have set for yourselves.


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