“The profession of book writing makes horse racing seem like a solid, stable business.”  John Steinbeck.


Winter  Solstice.  The longest, darkest night of the year is behind us.  Of course, we are nearly buried under several feet of snow, but still.  Spring lies ahead, somewhere.  Hope springs eternal.  Life goes on.  And so must the writing.

I’m off to work this morning, so not much time for musings about solstices or writing or the meaning of life.  But I need to post the weekend challenge.  

How much writing do you think you can get done between now and the beginning of the New Year?  What project, phrase, sentence, or paragraph do you want to complete before then?  And how much of that do you think you can get done this weekend?

I’ve continued to work away at Swimming North, which has taken me in unexpected directions.  I love that.  This weekend I am on call, so my time is unpredictable, but I hope to complete the chapter I’m revising and the next one.

What about the rest of you?  Gotta go.  I’ll have to dig my truck out, again, before I go.

Merry belated Christmas, and happy writing.