Monday morning lurks, just on the far side of a few hours of sleep.  Back to work, back to a certain level of uncontrollable chaos, with Christmas somewhere in the middle of it all.  Back to the unpredictability of crisis work, slave to my taskmaster, the phone.

I am living in an adventure.  Honestly, I have no idea what I will be doing tomorrow.  I might spend the say sitting at my desk, catching up on crisis notes, or driving to the far corner of the county through a foot or more of new fallen snow.  I might end up visiting somebody in the jail, or the hospital, or maybe just in my office.  Or maybe I’ll be horribly bored and nothing will happen at all.

At the moment, I’m disinclined to go adventuring – the fire is warm, and the family will all be home tomorrow, and baby it is cold outside.  But at the same time, I’m realizing how much writing material I gather in my work – insights into human nature, plot elements I could never have dreamed up on my own, a constant stirring up of thought processes that might otherwise stagnate and dry up.  So, I am blessed in my work, and in my writing.

Finding time to write this weekend was a challenge, as I expected, but I managed to scrape up enough to get by.  Chapter Two has been rewritten, more or less successfully.  All of the materials for the partial requested by Ms. Agent are polished and printed and safely stowed in an envelope, ready for the post office.  

All is well in writing world, and I’m almost ready for Christmas.  So – here’s to a week of family and celebration, and I’ll see you all for another weekend challenge after Christmas.