The crises of the week have been many and varied.  This morning, crawling out from under the rubble and brushing off the dust, I have only a moment before dashing off to work and navigating my way through the mine field of the day ahead.  I’m feeling a little bit like Ulysses, trying to wend his way home after the war with the wrath of the gods against him.

But:  the writing shall prevail!  I haven’t written a word since Sunday, but this weekend I swear that I will find some way to get to the page.

Weekend writing goals, for me:  Finish the chapter I was working on revising with Swimming North, and move on to the next chapter.

That’s it.  A generic goal.  No page numbers, no words, nothing specific or very large.  Only to keep positive movement on the writing front.

What about the rest of you?  Talk to me.  Tell me you are writing, and that the muses are being kind to you.