Things happen in November.  Did you notice?  When you’re engaged in Nanowrimo style writing, life tends to get interesting.  One year I bought land and made the decision to move.  One year Drunk Santa came into my life (this is a long story, which requires a focus of its own.)  People close to me get sick.  Tragedies happen.  And through the middle of it all, the writing goes on. 

I’ve noticed that Nanowrimo affects my brain.  I’m blonde.  I confess.  A reasonably intelligent woman, granted, but one who listens to blonde jokes with the secret understanding of how these things could happen.  During November it gets worse.  I walk around with the story in my head, and everything else falls out.  I turn the wrong way at familiar intersections, I forget important information, I begin projects and forget in the middle what it was that I was doing.  I would like to write with this level of intensity year round, but obviously that would be problematic for my life, at least until I’m rich and famous and can afford to pay people to pay my bills and drive my car and make sure that what needs doing gets done.

Thus it is with some regret that I see November drawing to a close.  It’s been an exciting ride, but reality awaits, like a cat at a mouse hole, waiting to pounce as I stumble staggering into the light of responsibilities and the facts of my existence.

There is good news.  I have created over 53K of words I didn’t have before, making me a Nanowrimo winner.  I like parts of this story, I love my characters, I have discovered something about my style and writing what I am passionate about.

The really awesome news is that an Agent actually responded to one of my queries on REMEMBER and requested a partial.  I’m to send her 75 pages and a Synopsis on the 20th of December.  I keep reminding myself that things may not get any further than that, but hey – it beats a rejection letter.

The end of Nanowrimo always feels to me like the Writer’s New Year.  A time of endings and new beginnings.  In light of this, I propose a post-Nanowrimo toast:

Here’s to all of the writers out there, Nanowrimo or other.  May we all continue creating characters and worlds for them to live in. May we have the courage to make very bad things happen to delightful and fascinating people.  Here’s to finished drafts and query letters and yes, even to rejections.  And most of all,  here’s to the persistent and stubborn dream of published novels and success.  

Nanowrimo and Beyond!