No time to be creative, no time to choose my words with care.  It’s Friday morning, I have to work, but I want to set up the weekend challenge.

Behind on Nanowrimo?  Here’s your opportunity to catch up.  Have another writing goal that could use a motivational boost?  Sign up here.  Uppington’s weekend challenge goes on in spite of wind, rain, snow, and other insidious intrusions like work.

What are your goals for the weekend?  I’m aiming for 42 K by Sunday night, and ultimately 50K by Wednesday.  I don’t imagine the family will take delight in me frantically scrambling to not only meet the Nanowrimo deadline but also try to scrounge up an internet connection while we’re out of town for the holiday.  Of course, the goal goes on way beyond the 50 K, but that’s as far as I can look for now.

Anybody else care to state your intentions?  Whatever you do – writing or other – blessings for the weekend.

(Oh – just for the record, I’m at 35 K this morning, with at least one scene’s worth of clear sailing ahead of me.)