Hey, good morning all!  I’m just sitting here for a minute, lingering over an excellent cup of coffee, and getting my mind back into the story.  Yesterday’s writing went well, and I did my self care as promised, got a good night’s sleep, and feel much more optimistic and energetic already.  

And then I thought, just in case anybody else stopped by to have a cup of coffee with me, we could chat about writing for a bit.  And then I thought, a good conversation might be about characters.  What are your characters doing right now?

Here’s the basic run down on mine:

1. the Divine Intervener is realizing he might have made a mistake

2. Brian is coming to terms with the unwanted baby that is legally his, but not his, and that he doesn’t want.

3. Tony, Brian’s lawyer, is about to confess that the baby might really be his.

4. Kate, Brian’s estranged wife, is starting to have opiate withdrawal in jail.  She ain’t happy.

5. Christina is feeling pain for the first time in years, and has put her suicide plan on hold because she’s just met Brian (and the baby), and the definitely misplaced Ariel, and finds herself unexpectedly interested in something.

6. Cliff, the 10 year old kid who just got given away, is working on being as bad as possible and has hooked up with an older kid who can definitely teach him

7.  Maury, the unconventional social worker, is pissed about people who give away kids and don’t want the babies that are legally theirs

8.  Ariel, adapting to a whole new planet, is realizing that the Divine Intervener might have made a mistake.

Wow.  Last year I didn’t have enough characters.  This year that is definitely not the problem.

So – what about the rest of you?  What are your characters doing today?