Nano Word Count: 15003.

Okay, people, this has got to be quick!  I’m actually off work today, but there are lots of things, little and big, clamoring for my attention, and I must not waste my available writing time at procrastination central.

Did I do what I said I would do over the weekend?  Well, sort of…  I wasn’t particularly successful in the department of enjoying family time without wishing I was writing, for example, but then that’s a habitual conflict for me.  I love ’em all to death, I truly do, but wouldn’t it be nice if they sort of tip-toed in at intervals, bearing trays of perfectly brewed coffee and writing snacks, offering hushed murmurs of encouragement?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they were available for family time in between ideas instead of in the middle of scenes?  Or if their only desire in life was for me to become a published novelist?  (No, I have not totally lost my mind, not yet, I’m just day dreaming, Nano style.)

As it turns out it was also a happenin’ week-end crisis wise, (all work related, thank God!) and by Sunday evening I was as nervous as a two tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs and completely incapable of settling down to any sort of writing.  So, I fell asleep in front of the TV, was wakened by a crisis call, and the resulting adrenaline rush carried me through to my goal of 15K by the end of Sunday night.

As for the writing down characters and plot lines thing – plotting is highly over-rated.  I did make a list.  Yep – an honest to goodness list with the first names of all the characters who have appeared so far.  Which, for me, really isn’t half bad.

Something unexpected did happen over the weekend, though – one of those flashes of illumination that appear enough like genius to inspire several hours of blissful writing.  Of course, upon emerging from this little fit, I also felt compelled to delete about as much material as I had just written, leaving me with a word count lower than I’d started with, but I’m still happy with the result.  Before all you agents that are reading my blog begin lining up at my door, however, I must point out that it only appeared like genius, briefly, for an hour on a Saturday morning, and there is no need to start a bidding war over my manuscript.  Yet.  One of these days, though, you just wait and see!

So – that’s the update on my weekend challenge.  How about the rest of you?