With Nanowrimo going on, it’s tempting to just forgo the weekend challenge habit I’ve been developing.  It’s also tempting to forgo Yoga, healthy eating habits, cleaning the house, and interaction with my family.  This would not be good for me, though, and in general wouldn’t make for healthy writing.  Truth is, a challenge is one of those places in time where nutrition and rest and exercise and human contact become more important than usual.

Because of all of the above, and because I’m also on call this weekend, which can be stressful enough all by itself, my weekend challenge is looking a little different this time around:

I challenge myself to stay in the story without obsessing about word counts or other demands on my time.  I challenge myself to spend some time with my family without wishing I were writing.  I challenge myself to get some sleep and some exercise and not overdo the whole caffeine thing, and to just basically remember to be thankful for the life with which I have been gifted.

There are a couple of specific writing goals for this weekend as well, but I’m approaching them with an attitude of flexibility, and I have full intentions of not stressing if I don’t get them done.   

1.  I would like to be on target at 15,000 words by the end of Sunday.  Fortunately, I had lots of good writing time yesterday and I’m at about 12,000 now, so this should be possible, even with distractions.  Unless, of course, somebody kicks over the anthill and the crisis work goes berserk, as it does from time to time.

2.  While I never plot or outline, I’m realizing that I do need to capture all the threads of the story that is weaving itself together for me, so my second goal is to jot down character summaries and plot threads so I don’t drop any of them.

If I accomplish all of that I’ll be satisfied.  Oh, wait – I promised to be satisfied even if I didn’t accomplish the writing goals, didn’t I?  Just another example of believing two impossible things at the same time, a common occurrence for me.

Anybody else?  Nano people – any specific moments, characters, plot problems, or word counts you hope to hash out by the end of the weekend?  Non-Nano people – are you writing this weekend, or doing other things?  I love to hear what everybody’s doing.