First Day Word Count:  2800

Well, folks, how goes Nanowrimo?  I’d check out your progress on the Nano website, but true to early November form I can’t seem to access it at all.

Remember that thing I said about not doing anything serious this year?  How I would write something that I wouldn’t in a million years think I had to revise and try to publish? 

I went out of my way to make that happen.  I picked 10 albums off the shelf, ending up with a bizarre mishmash of song titles.  My Tarot card admonished me to have courage.  Fine, I said, I’m sure I’ll be needing that.  Just for fun, I threw in a couple of Carolyn Myss’ archetype cards to designate the major character struggles of my antagonist and protagonist.  The result really was a mess, so much so that I thought perhaps I’d overdone it and wouldn’t be able to come up with anything, silly or otherwise.

And then the IDEA just drifted into my head.  It’s still a little fragile, and I’m trying not to kill it by thinking about it too much – just keep on writing one scene at a time, and not get carried away with the “I really like this, maybe it will turn into something” thought processes.  Of course I don’t have anything as detailed as a plot outline in mind, but I think I see where the story is headed, and where I hope it ends.  And yes, I am still having fun.

So – if anybody has spare time and cares to share, I’d love to hear what you’re doing with your nano stories.