Vorpal blade, check. Tum Tum Tree, check.  Uffish thought, definitely.  ‘Tis brillig, people.  And at midnight Nanowrimans around the globe will be unleashed on a quest to seek and slay their own symbolic monsters.  The fact that our vorpal blades are pens and keyboards doesn’t minimize the danger and excitement of the adventure at all.

Think about all that will have changed by the end of November.  Our next president will have been elected. Many of us will have snow.  More importantly, thousands of characters and stories will exist where previously there was only blank paper and empty screens.  Think of that for a minute – it’s really awe inspiring.  Out of nothing, something is created every time one of us writes a story, or a novel, or a poem.  Every time we create a character.  Don’t tell me there’s nothing new under the sun, that every story has been told.  Maybe the themes are the same, maybe the plots have similarities, but every story has the individual stamp of its creator. 

My personal preparations are modest this year.  There’s no point laying in writing snacks because the kids will inevitably consume them anyway.  I haven’t outlined or plotted.  I don’t even have characters in mind.  Yet.  But that’s part of my challenge to myself this year.  Exactly what kind of story can I create in 30 days, out of a few mismatched and random ideas?   What I will do today is the following:

1.  Prepare a calendar with daily word count goals so I can regularly check my progress against the master.

2.  On the same calendar, schedule in writing times.

3.  Choose 12 chapter titles at random from the classic rock vinyl album collection.

4.  Draw one Tarot card as the ‘flavor’ of the writing.

5.  Create a couple of characters to begin with.

6.  Write through the scene I have in my head for Gatekeeper so that it can safely simmer for awhile until my attention can come back to it.

That’s it.  Before I go do those things, though, I’d like to introduce a writing buddy of mine who has decided to venture into the blogosphere. Kawnliee is a mere stripling, only 20, but he has more unfinished works on his desk than I do – something like five complete drafts of novels, not yet polished to his satisfaction, two incomplete novel manuscripts, and a ton of short stories.  He’s also a Nanowrimo veteran.  Anyway – when you’ve got a minute wander over to his brand new site and say hi.  Also give him a proverbial motivational kick in the behind – he needs to get some of those novels off to agent land.

Oh, I almost forgot – my weekend writing challenge is to dive into Nanowrimo and get in the requisite number of words.  Good luck, all!  May the muses be with you.  Feel free to share your Nanowrimo plans in the comments.