Hear those motors revving?  Can you feel the excitement gathering, and hear the roar of the crowd?  Of course you can. We’ve got great imaginations, we’re writers!  We don’t need to wait for Nanowrimo, or enter some official writing contest – we’re perfectly capable of manufacturing completely imaginary deadlines for ourselves.

Rewards are important.  Positive reinforcement is known to be – uh – reinforcing.  (I’ve been told I have a way of stating the obvious.  Might as well embrace that as a gift)  Unfortunately, our family and friends aren’t sitting around waiting to toss us a fish after we’ve mastered a difficult scene or completed a chapter, or whatever writerly activity we’ve just managed to accomplish.  Of course, I speak for myself here.  You may well have the sort of friends and family who hover around your computer, waiting for the printed page to emerge and then oohing and aahing over every brilliantly turned phrase.  And if you do have friends and family of that caliber, you should maybe market them – rent them out to the rest of us for the weekend.  Anyway, my point was that since nobody else is likely to positively reinforce our milestones along the way, we need to do it for ourselves.

So – when you achieve your weekend writing goal, what’s it going to be?  Chocolate?  Flowers?  A hot bath?  A nap?  A new CD?  It doesn’t have to be anything big, and let’s remember to keep things in perspective.  If you’ve finished writing one scene, you probably shouldn’t gift yourself with a new laptop as a reward, although that might be perfectly reasonable for something like finishing a novel.  And if you have a nap after every difficult paragraph you’ll never get anything done.  But do give the idea of self re-inforcement some thought.

Okay, ready for the race?  If you choose to play along – first tell us what you plan to accomplish by Monday.  It could be a word count, character development, a particular scene – whatever.  (As I said yesterday, if you’re totally blocked and haven’t written anything in days, challenge yourself to turn on the computer, open the document, and write one sentence.)  And then tell us how you plan to reward yourself for your accomplishment.  Monday morning, don’t forget to stop by and let everybody know how it went.

Here goes:  This weekend, I will integrate the new opener and the resulting necessary changes into Filling in the Blanks, and print the whole thing off, again.  I will also get Gatekeeper moving again, past the break-in scene.  And when I have accomplished this, I will indulge myself with a small container of Haagen-Daz.

Your turn.  What’s your writing goal for this weekend?