In many ways it has been a difficult week, offering an entire smorgasbord of distractions from writing –  migraines, nights on call,  an extremely sad outcome with one of my clients, picking up a good book in a moment of weakness and disappearing into somebody else’s fictional landscape.  But, there have also been moments of creative exhilaration.  I’ve written a dynamic new opener for “Filling in the Blanks”, started a short story, and made progress on “Gatekeeper.” 

I have to confess that most of the writing only happened because I publicly challenged myself, and I’ve had positive comments from a few of you that your writing also benefitted from the community boost.

So – tomorrow, Friday, be prepared to post another weekend writing goal.  It doesn’t have to be a word count.  Challenge yourself to complete a certain scene, revise a particular segment, develop a character, write a query letter.  If you’re really blocked or procrastinating, make it something as small as opening a file, writing one sentence, or turning on the computer.   No forward motion is too small.  The point is to challenge yourself to act.

Think about it, people, and I’ll officially throw down the gauntlet tomorrow morning.