Hey, everybody.  It’s Monday!  A whole week of opportunity ahead.  So if you didn’t play along with the writing challenge this weekend, you’ve got five week days to make it write.  (yes, that is a purposeful crummy pun and not a typo.)  I know some of you were kind of surreptitiously playing without committing yourselves, so now’s the time to fess up and tell everybody how much writing you got done over the weekend.  Hey, 100 words is better than no words.  And plotting, planning, and scribbling counts too.  Anything that could be classed as forward momentum is better than no momentum at all.

I reached my personal goal.  I think.  It’s a little complicated, because I’m revising, so words were added and taken away, chunks were lifted from another document and pasted in, and I do NOT do math, but if my calculations are correct, it all more or less comes out to 2000 words, plus the 500 or so I wrote on the novel that I thought I’d finished.  (If you were able to get through that entire convoluted sentence, you get extra points.)

Let me know how the writing weekend went for you.  Let’s get some group momentum going, shall we?  And if you reached a goal of any kind over the weekend, treat yourself today – get the extra special latte with whipped cream, or have an ice cream cone, or soak in a hot bubble bath, buy a new book, or just write something new and exciting.