Not writing.  Yet. And yesterday I only got in maybe a couple hundred words.   I’m not procrastinating, though, honest.  I’m mulling, percolating, simmering, letting something get a little clearer in my head before I actually sit down to work.  Today I will be writing on not one, but two, of my novels.

I honestly thought I had laid Filling in the Blanks to rest.  You know, polished, as good as I can make it, kinda sick of it for the moment, and waiting for the verdict from all of the agents I queried.  And then, yesterday, David says the fateful words, “don’t take this as criticism, but I was thinking about the book…”

A long silence ensued.  I just looked at him, knowing what was about to come, and he proceeded to outline an idea that not only made a lot of sense for improving the book, but made me aware of a plot inconsistency that I hadn’t caught.  To be fair, he hadn’t caught it either, ‘nor did my other readers, but suddenly I’m realizing that I’m obligated by my literary sensibilities to go back into the manuscript and root around a little.

My brain protests mightily.  “But you just printed the whole damn thing!  You’ll have to print it all over again.  You’ve already sent it to agents.  Are you sure you really want to mess with it now?”

Want to?  The answer to that is a resounding no.  But, I feel obsessively compelled to, so that’s one thing on the writing agenda for the day.  And of course I plan to put in that promised word count on Gatekeeper.  I have a structural dilemma I am trying to resolve in my head first, but perhaps I’ll just have to let it go for now, write the thing in several different ways and make decisions later.

At the moment, I’m sitting in front of a glorious fire in my jammies, reading email, surfing blogs, enjoying that perfect cup of coffee.  I’ve done my requisite three pages of journal, plus a little extra, made a list of projects I need to accomplish, and am now fending off the cat who resents that the laptop is on my lap when she wants to be there.

I’m reminded this morning of my belief in the power of positive thinking, of the remarkable events that are put into play by setting an intention.  Recently I’ve been sucked into a pattern of negative thinking, and I know that inevitably leads to a downward spiral, so I’m making an effort once again to look ahead, at where I’m going.  Not that I believe when I want something the universe somehow rearranges itself in order to give me my heart’s desire.  But I do believe when I am aiming for a goal I recognize the opportunities when they show up, I select for the option that will lead me where I want to go.  It’s like riding a motorcycle – you end up where you’re looking.  Never, ever stare at the approaching car; when you ride into a corner keep your eyes on where you’re going to come out onto the straightaway.  

Part of the expected agenda for today is a visit to  There is no bookstore in my town – I’m limited to the Walmart selection, which is pitiful and sad.  I’ve made a decision to start reading the books of other writers I’m meeting here in the blogosphere, so I’m ordering them in as something to look forward to.  And as motivation, as in, “hey, these people got published!  So can I.”

That’s about it for my Sunday morning mullings.  If anybody out there still wants to join the weekend writing challenge, Trudy and I would be delighted for the company.  Whatever you choose to do today, whether it’s writing, church going, chores around the house, or lying around in your underwear watching TV – do it fully, consciously, and with your whole heart.