Hey, everybody, it’s Friday!

Sure, the country’s in the midst of an economic meltdown, and there’s a terrorist behind every (B)ush, and there’s an election looming, and global warming or freezing or some type of disaster threatens every time you turn on the tube or check in with the ‘web.   Oh, yeah – not to mention that winter’s coming and there’s always that last little bit of getting ready for the cold that most of us need to do.

Heed them not, I say – it’s Friday!  Let me ask you this – how much writing can you get done in a weekend? 

 Alex wrote a great post about making lists and setting writing goals, and another one about gearing up for Nanowrimo.  Go check it out.  Ken is working away in his highly disciplined manner, steadily accumulating a word count and refusing to be distracted from his goal by – – well – distractions.  Maggie Stiefvater wrote a wondrous post about the greatly feared but mythical writer’s block.  Read it, and then click on over to Amazon and buy her brand new book, Lament.  Only don’t read that just yet, because this is a weekend for writing.  For inspiration, check out this story over at That Action Guy’s blog about the Debut Novel contract this talented guy got for upwards of $1 million bucks…  It is possible, people!

I propose a writing challenge.  How much can you get done this weekend?  Set a goal for yourself, and leave a comment today telling the whole world (okay, the whole world won’t be stopping by, but there are a handful of folks who check in here regularly) what you plan to accomplish.  Then on Monday we can all check in and enthusiastically report on what we’ve accomplished.  Any takers?

I personally commit to a solid 2000 words on Gatekeeper between now and Monday.  Not much, really, when you consider the Nanowrimo pace is 1667 words a day, or something like that, but I must make allowance for the more mundane things I need to get done this weekend.

How about you?  Anybody want to play?  Let’s get those books written.