[wwfinal.jpg]In honor of the Wonders Never Cease Blog Party, Miss Globetrotter is visiting my site today.  I have wracked my brain, trying to think of a wonder of the day.  There were so many wonders clamoring for my attention that I was unable to choose one.  I considered Reality.  The fact that any of us can still speak in complete sentences considering everything that the world throws at us never ceases to amaze me.  I considered what I call the “Ahhhh Spot”… the way that a certain combination of words, or tones, or an arrangement of objects can create that warm expansion around the heart and even bring tears to our eyes.  I considered words, and the fact that any of us manage to communicate with each other at all, given our incredibly different world views and the shades of meanings words carry for all of us.  I considered the amazing smell of the air up here this morning, and the very air itself, and the way breathing it in and out sustains the life in my body, which is a wonder all unto itself.  I could wonder forever, but the clock has other ideas and I must take myself off to my job.  For a truly wonderful experience, do visit the Wonders web site, at http://www.rebeccasramsey.blogspot.com/