So, I can tell you already that there will not be 10 queries from me floating around in Agent Land by the end of today. 

This isn’t really surprising.  Yesterday, after I got home from work and got through dinner and cleaned up the dishes and got the kids to their music lesson and took my son driving (if there ever was a time to drink and drive, teaching your kid would seem to be it!) it was after 8.  I worked on my query, I brushed up my synopsis, I researched my agents.  In between conversations about “can I have a friend over tomorrow?” from one kid, and assisting in the purchase of online tickets for the upcoming Heart/Cheap Trick/Journey concert for the other one, I managed to launch two targeted, personalized, e-mail queries. 

I had some idea of doing more today, but here’s how the day is shaping up:  I’ve got peaches waiting to be canned.  The Newsletter I’m editing for the WADMHP should be done at the printers today, and needs to be folded, labeled, stamped and mailed.  My new MacBook Pro should be arriving today. And the power went out at 3 am.

Currently, I’m sitting at the local coffee shop, unshowered and scrubby, getting both my caffeine and morning internet fix.  The power may or may not be on in a few hours.  My laptop battery lives about as long as a gnat.  I’ve got peaches ripening.  I figure, two query letters isn’t much, but it’s something.  A beginning.  One of my mottos for myself, coined a long time ago in the middle of a chaotic job, is this:  Just start somewhere, and take it from there.

I’ve done that.  Two queries are better than no queries.  Besides, they kind of took me over the fear barrier and I think it will be easier to go on.  Hey, if the power doesn’t come back on I might just spend most of my day off reading.  I can live with that.

Note:  I really do not advocate drinking while teaching your child to drive.  In case anybody was wondering.