Okay – I know you’re lurking out there somewhere.  Maybe you already meet on a regular basis, clandestinely behind my back, to discuss your writing projects and make fun of mine.  Maybe you live closer to Spokane than I do, or are independently wealthy and can afford the gas to drive there, so you don’t need a writing group closer to home.  Maybe you are already published and successful and just don’t need anybody else.  But I persist in believing there are other writers like me, living the small town life in my part of the world, who would like to connect and collaborate with other writers.

It’s time for us to find each other.

I live in Colville.  There are a number of locations where we could meet: Meyer’s Falls Market in Kettle Falls,  Talk’n’Coffee or Java Jive in Colville, or maybe the Flowery Trail in Chewelah.  Heck, we could meet at McDonalds!  Maybe we could just exchange emails and IM addresses and hang out online. 

Sure, it’s the middle of the summer, and nobody wants to start anything or make new plans.  Maybe you’re all selfishly going away on long, relaxing vacations.  But it will be fall before we know it, and then the excuse will be that there is too much snow, so I personally believe the time to act is now. Besides – Nanowrimo is coming up in November, and this year I really want to have a local Nanowrimo group happening.  I know, I know, as my friend Jamie says, “it’s good to want things in life.”

Well, sometimes, if you want something enough, you find a way to make it happen.  So, reply to this post and let me know how to reach you.  Or drop me a note at kschafer@wildblue.net.   In the meantime, I’ll be busy working on my novel.